me, myself, and i

     "Take the pencil in hand, "the first sentence told me, "and draw a line." 
      I took the pencil in hand. I drew a line. "Draw a circle." I drew a circle. 
      "Draw a square." I drew a square. "Have you completed all these commands  correctly?"
      the page asked, and it offered a picture of each thing, just in case I needed a  reminder
      of what they were supposed to look like. I studied my line. I studied my circle. 
      I studied my square.
      All appeared to me to be as good as what I saw printed next to the directions, 
      though maybe not as sharp and bold and exact -- but I hadn't used a ruler
      or a compass or anything, so what would you expect?
      "Are they just as they appear in the illustrations?" I checked again.
      I had done what I was supposed to. "Then we wish you sincere congratulations!"
      the words told me. "Now you are an artist."         

Suzanne Strempek Shea